If you are not satisfied with your order, you have the right to return the products you bought and request a refund. The products must be returned within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery, which is stated in the consignment note of the courier company with which you received.

Please follow the instructions below for the product return process which is the same whether it is a return or a product change.

1. Send us an email in order to start the process of returning the product from our e-shop

2. Pack the product to be returned safely and send it to our address

3. We receive the product, check its condition as well as the existence of the relevant accompanying items and proceed with the return of your money in the same payment method that you chose when you paid.

Conditions for accepting returns:

• The product will be unbearable or in its original excellent condition. The check will be performed by the manager of our online store.

• The product packaging will not be damaged or soiled and will be in excellent condition.

• The product will be returned in a safe packaging, so that it does not wear out during transport. We are not responsible for any loss or damage during transport of the product.

• Together with the product, all the "documents" that accompanied the product and prove the transaction will be returned intact and in excellent condition (original proof of purchase or any other accompanying material / card).

• In case the product is accompanied by a gift, the gift must be returned with the product, also in excellent condition both this and the forms / cards that may accompany it.

Returns and changes are not made in the following cases.

• In special orders or products that have been modified at the request of the customer as well as in the rings.

• In the earrings, for hygiene reasons.

• Damage caused during the opening of the product or its transport, for which the responsibility lies solely with the customer.

In case of unapproved or unacceptable returns, the products will be returned to the shipping address of the original order.


• Changes / returns are made only on products that have been purchased electronically

• Seasonal items are changed only with a corresponding seasonal item and there is no refund

• Credit balance provision is not available.

We clarify:

• The return is the responsibility of the customer as we are not responsible for any loss or damage during transport.

• Shipping costs of the returned product are borne by the customer.

In cases of incorrect, damaged or generally defective products, shipping costs are borne by the store provided that the items are shipped with the transport company that we will indicate to you (otherwise they will not be received). When more items are sold and only a few are wrong or defective, the right of replacement or withdrawal is limited to them.

Money back is made within 14 working days from the receipt of the product in the e-shop, in the same way of payment that was selected during the order and if during the check that we will do, the relevant conditions are observed.

Especially in case of purchase of cash on delivery products, the refund will be made by deposit in the customer's bank account. Therefore, please inform us via e-mail about your account number (IBAN), the bank where you maintain the account and the name of the beneficiary, as mentioned in the booklet. For security reasons, the holder of the account number must be the same person listed on the receipt for the returned product.

Cancel orders

You can cancel your order up to 1 hour after the completion of the electronic process.

The cancellation of an order that has been invoiced, packaged and delivered to the courier company by us is not accepted. For any cancellation of order or change of address or payment, you can send an email. This option is available until you are notified of the sending of your order by e-mail. After this point there is no possibility for cancellations or changes in your order.

In case the customer has paid the value of his approved order before his cancellation statement and we have received it from us, then we must within fourteen 14 working days return the value received to the customer in the same way that he he paid it.

Product change

In case you want a change, return the product following the return procedure and proceed with re-ordering.

Force majeure

If, due to force majeure (ie adverse weather conditions, strikes, etc.), we do not deliver the products to you within the specified time, we will contact you by e-mail to confirm whether you wish to complete your order or not, under the such conditions. We will not be responsible for any situation that arises without its fault and we will do everything humanly possible to better serve you.

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